For Our Grantees

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation is proud to partner with organizations to improve the health of the region. Through your funding cycle, you will be responsible to provide material listed in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and other documentation. Below are templates to assist you along with guidelines that are needed to support the funded program and communication support.


The Health Foundation strives to communicate effectively with grantees, partners, stakeholders, and the general public. Communication guidelines were established to ensure clear and consistent communications, graphic representation and brand cohesion related to the Health Foundation and Initiatives. All graphic and communications collateral created must follow the standards outlined in the guidelines. If you are planning any communications regarding your funded program and include the Health Foundation name or logo, please review the guidelines, or contact your lead program officer.

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We want to tell your story. Share with us your hi-res photos, videos and written stories on how your organization and funded program are making an impact in your community and we will make every effort to share on our website, social media channels and in publications. Please include with the photo caption, the organization name, date of photo, location, and photo credits.

The following resources are available.

Logo Assets

Select the Paso del Norte Health Foundation logo(s) below and then right click to save. All logos are in jpg format.