Nominations are open for the 6th Annual US REALIZE Executive Cohort

February 9, 2024

The future of health in our community requires well-trained, supported, and capable leadership. The Paso del Norte Health Foundation (Health Foundation) designed REALIZE Executive to create a dynamic network of skilled leaders committed to improving health now and for the benefit of future generations.

REALIZE Executive is a world-class leadership development experience custom-designed by international leadership experts and Health Foundation staff for top-level and emerging top-level management within the Paso del Norte region. The purpose of this leadership development experience is to inspire already capable leaders to become transformational leaders for the community and within their respective organizations. The experience includes leadership assessments, executive coaching, out-of-town experiential learning, seminars by national leadership experts, measurable outcomes, and much more.

The Health Foundation is launching its sixth US REALIZE Executive experience this year. This cohort is limited to 20 individuals. You are encouraged to nominate a leader by emailing the nominee’s name, email address, and a brief statement regarding the nominee to Nominations are due Friday, April 19, 2024. An application will then be emailed to the nominee. If you have questions, please email or call Dr. Michael Kelly at (915) 218-2619 or

PDNHF Priority Area: Health Leadership

To support leadership development for executives, boards of directors, and nonprofit organizations. Leverage resources through partnerships, invest in strategic initiatives and catalytic projects, and respond to immediate needs for the benefit of the region’s health.

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