Our Line of Work – Community of Philanthropy

August 24, 2023

Papel picado – the inspiration of our 2022 annual report – embodies the beauty and spirit of our binational, tri-state region. The Paso del Norte Health Foundation, Paso del Norte Community Foundation, and Fundación Paso del Norte evolve to meet the needs of our region and best practices in philanthropy.

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation was established in 1995 from the sale of Providence Memorial Hospital to Tenet Healthcare Corporation with an initial $130 million from the proceeds of the sale. It is a supporting organization to the Paso del Norte Community Foundation and works with the Fundación Paso del Norte, a Juárez-based nonprofit.

The Paso del Norte Community Foundation is a public charity established in 2013 to support the philanthropic goals of individuals, families, corporations, foundations, and nonprofit organizations to improve education, health, social services, economic development, and quality of life in the Paso del Norte region.

The Fundación Paso del Norte is a Juárez-based nonprofit organization established in 2015 by the Health Foundation to lead and promote partnerships and initiatives to improve health and quality of life for people in the Ciudad Juárez, México, region.

Learn more about our impact, grantmaking, partners, funds, investments, financial statements, and board and staff leadership in our online 2022 Annual Report at

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