Students work together to build their school garden

May 23, 2023

Monte Vista Elementary School in Las Cruces has a new school garden thanks to the help of La Semilla Food Center. Students of all grades put on their gardening gloves and participated in shoveling, raking, and using a wheel barrel to fill beds with soil. They learned to create irrigation pods and planted herbs, flowers, and trees. For their hard work, students took turns on a bike blender, making watermelon smoothies as a refreshment for all. La Semilla is a grantee of the Health Foundation’s Healthy Eating Initiative and provides gardening, nutrition, and cooking training to at least 1,500 students, teachers, and families in El Paso, Texas, and Doña County, NM. They are committed to building strong relationships and creating empowering spaces for youth and families to grow and cook good food, make positive changes, and foster connections among food, health, and local economies. To learn more about La Semilla, visit:

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To support efforts that promote positive behaviors to prevent disease including healthy eating, physical activity, smoking/vaping prevention, and positive opportunities for youth.

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