Working together to make safe routes to school possible for children

November 15, 2023

Davenport Elementary students and PE staff recently participated in a Safe Routes to School event guided by the El Paso Police Department as they walked to a neighborhood park during PE. This activity is a partnership between the El Paso Health Department, Action for Healthy Kids, and the Health Foundation’s Physical Activity Initiative aimed to make it safer for students to walk and bike to school and encourage more physical activity. Nationally, 10%–14% of car trips during morning rush hour are for school travel. By identifying safe routes to school and promoting physical activity, schools, families, and the community can work together to improve, enforce, and implement safety strategies for school travel. For more information, visit

PDNHF Priority Area: Healthy Living

To support efforts that promote positive behaviors to prevent disease including healthy eating, physical activity, smoking/vaping prevention, and positive opportunities for youth.

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